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Another one from SeaPeople:


Andy is a fisherman and has been one most of his life. He sails out of Whitstable Harbour on the Kent coast just along from Faversham and is one of the few fisherman still plying his trade from that port. This portrait was shot in the cabin of his vessel “Misty” which to an outsiders eye looks so full of marine stuff it is hard to see how it can function as the nerve centre of his boat but Andy knows exactly where everything is and I think would not have it any other way.

Seasalter is a curious place, stuck as it is between Whitstable and Faversham & the Swale.  Aside from the abundant caravans there are some interesting little buildings both new and old.

Seasalter Houses

Seasalter, Triangular House

This image was done on our way back to the car after a fantastic walk on the beach.  It stopped raining just long enough for the sun to break through and for me to dry off my camera, before the drizzle started again.