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View of Excel Conference Centre from over the Thames on the Emirates Cable Car

©Robert Greshoff

View from Thames Emirates Cable car crossing

On a recent trip to Excel, the huge exhibition centre to the East of London, I decided to travel via the (Emirates) Cable Car which runs from Greenwich North straight to Excel.  (For those who don’t live locally but who may find yourselves in need to visiting Excel I recommend this way of getting there!)

The last time I did the trip, the sky was full of those characteristic cloud and sunshine combinations that make the weather here so great (and so difficult) for photography.  Just as I passed the mid point across the Thames and was approaching the north bank, the sun broke through and illuminated the structural spars of the exhibition centre.

To me, the picture has a lovely calm despite the dramatic atmosphere.

Been out and about shooting a number of car dealerships today but noticed this when I was unloading my gear at the last showroom in Battersea.  The building is Falcon Wharf, by Burland TM Architects and was built by George Wimpey.  The building won a BHA award in 2007 and although the building itself left me rather lukewarm, I did like the way the afternoon sun revealed the contents of all those balconies and rooms.

Falcon Wharf, Battersea, London, SW11, George Wimpewty, Burland TM Architects

Seasalter is a curious place, stuck as it is between Whitstable and Faversham & the Swale.  Aside from the abundant caravans there are some interesting little buildings both new and old.

Seasalter Houses

Seasalter, Triangular House

This image was done on our way back to the car after a fantastic walk on the beach.  It stopped raining just long enough for the sun to break through and for me to dry off my camera, before the drizzle started again.