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Remarkable Frozen Lake in Kent , the following day

I revisited the lake featured yesterday a day later, after a long period of gentle but non-stop snow and discovered an altogether more subtle environment.  The crisp, contrasty and well defined round holes were now a much more interesting series of greys and swirling shapes – with foot prints.




I also stopped to look at the parts that were not yet frozen which were fascinating too, in an entirely different way.



Remarkable Frozen Lake, Kent, UK

On Saturday whilst out for a walk along the Stour River we came across some remarkable snow patterns on the lakes.  I can only guess that they were caused by a timely combination of ice, light snow and wind but however they happened they were wonderful to see and in 10 years of walking I had never come across anything similar before.

So well worth a photographic visit (with ladder) – and being late for lunch for!

The first image is a rough cut composite showing pretty much the whole lake and images following are more considered views.

Frozen Lajker

Frozen Lake






And this last pic was taken by my brother of me in action up the ladder, sporting a fetching pair of orange pants!