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Hop Garden Pole Fence – for fun

I’ve done a lot of driving over the past couple of days, shooting in Southampton yesterday and all over Hertfordshire today.

On my way back today I drove past a wonderful long fence made of poles between a hop garden and the road. The fence goes on for the whole length of the field, about 100m I guess, and is a magnificently haphazard structure.  I’ve driven past it frequently before now but it just so happened that today I was thinking about my years of assisting Michael Millar in London in the mid 80’s…

One of our regular jobs was a kind of photogrammetry, recording the elevations of buildings in Central London on on some occasions whole streets.  We worked on a 1/2 plate Sinar (we used 1/2 plate because 5×4 was too small relative to the lens angle of the 90mm 5.6 lens, ie we could shoot much wider on 1/2 plate).  After I finished processing the film, I printed each image big (about 1500mmx1000mm) on the ancient 1/1 plate DeVere enlarger and then if we were doing a whole street, Michael carefully cut them out and stuck them together to form a huge and very long panorama featuring every building perspective correct and square-on.  I remember we shot a few of the streets in Chinatown like that, Wardour Street and Gerrard Lane are two that I remember.   Anyway, I digress…

Whilst I was driving past this pole fence today, it suddenly occurred to me that it might be fun to shoot this in the same way.  The sun was shining and it wasn’t going to be out for much longer so I seized the moment, did a U-turn, parked up and photographed it.



I am not convinced that it works but it was fun to do so what the hell – and it is a lovely fence anyway!