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I know it should be obvious but when I got up close to the QEII bridge I was amazed by just how substantial the main support towers of this bridge are.  From a distance it looks like a thin delicate web like structure but it really is anything but.

Stitched Panorama

This is another image from the session I did on the first day of the year – this time a bit closer up!

And looking up…


The Christmas & New Year break also provided a perfect opportunity to do more work on the London Panoramas series. The last time I worked in this was about 8 months ago so I visited a very busy Trafalgar Square on Boxing Day and a very quiet River Thames on New Years day.Image

The QE2 Bridge was completed in 1991 to a design by the German Engineer Helmutt Homberg.  It was to be his last project and he died a year before the bridge opened.  The structure was built by the Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Company (Part of the Trafalgar House Group) and with it’s main deck span of 450m it was, at the time of it’s completion Europe’s largest cable supported bridge, now superceded by the Second Severn Crossing amongst others.