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London Docklands from Olympic Stadium roof

It has been a while since I last posted anything here.  this has been due primarily to the pressures of my commissioned work but while I was shooting at the Olympic Stadium project today I took this from the very top of the structure.  It wasn’t the best lighting but it remains a fine view and one that is not often seen and once the project is complete it will be seen even less!



Jan Greshoff – Images of rural South Africa, Cape Province in 1960’s & 70’s

Following on from my last post of Jan’s pictures a couple of weeks ago (http://wp.me/p32AWy-3V), here are some of his rural views.

He was interested in structure and it is rare to find figures or life of any kind in his images.  Whilst this may be a shame from some points of view, it does somehow set his images apart and makes them all the more enticing.








(These files were scanned from his original prints all of which were dry-mounted on to board and many of which are now rather bowed making the scanning process at times rather challenging)