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Grand Union Swan by a Grand BPTW designed Nottinghill Housing Trust scheme

I was out photographing an impressive new housing development for NHHT & BPTW on the Grand Union Canal last week and came across this elegant bird burying it’s head in the sand.  Just so happened that I chanced to meet one of the residents walking down the canal too who was overflowing with praise for the project so the swan really should have been looking up and proud!


I stepped out of my studio this morning to give my eyes a break from some intense screen work and found Gwen, our border collie lying next to a small brown bird sitting quite still but with a vigorously beating heart and a beak that was gasping for air.  I cupped it in my hands and could feel it’s life but it was clear that for whatever reason it did not have long to live.  So I found a patch of grass and laid the bird down away from the neighbours cats.

When I returned about a hour later, the bird had died and in so doing had spread it’s wings almost as a metaphor for what ever journey has now embarked on.

Looking at the small form lying there I was struck by the simple beauty to be found even in a small insignificant brown bird.