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Long term project documenting coastal structures


A few years back I undertook a film based project looking at the edges of communities and in particular the structures to be found there.  I worked mostly on 6×12 and it was to be my last project undertaken on film. (I may well return to film, so let’s say last for the moment!)

I thought, given that those marvellous icons of industrial design, the Richborough power station cooling towers were blown sky high today in 2012, it would be a good time to show my Periphery project image of the towers in all their glory.


(And there is no doubt that even with the likes of Instagram, film images do have a quality of their own)

I’ve got a day in today, costings, emails, accounts, waiting for FedEx, packing up DVD’s and sorting stuff out in general.  I am also looking at the possibility of another small exhibition. Interest has been expressed in the Coast Structure series so I’ve been revisiting them to see if there is anything there I might want to show.  Whilst on my hard-drive travels I came across this shot that I had rejected originally because it didn’t fulfil the criteria I was after at the time but looking at it 3 or 4 years later, it is quite a nice pic in a pictorial sort of way.

Sea and rocks off the south coast of Kent

Sea and rocks off the south coast of Kent