My business is making people and buildings look good!

And in my spare time I very happily continue my visual exploration of my world.

(About me: After 4 years of study in photography & Fine Art in South Africa and assisting renowned car photographer Des Kleineibst in Cape Town, I left Africa to settle in London in 1986 determined not to be a car photographer!  I worked as an assistant to the architectural photographer Michael Miller before setting up as an editorial photographer in 1988, just in time for the recession that was on its way!  Weathering that, I emerged as a dual specialist in photographing people and environments and with an expanding client list. I now shoot people and architecture for a broad range of clients from across the corporate, architectural, editorial, construction, design, financial, PR and Event sectors. In addition I produce technical verified views for planning applications.)


Contact:  robert@greshoff.com

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