#Getty Museum, Los Angeles – #Canterbury Glass and St Albans Psalter

Over the weekend a little package arrived from the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.


The package contained all the bumpf from the exhibition except the book which will be following shortly and it wasn’t entirely unexpected as the “Treasures from the Church Cloister” exhibition opened on September 20th.  Last week I met up with Leonie (Director of Stained Glass at the Cathedral) who gave me a full rundown of the exhibition and it’s installation.  She also said the some of my images are 7m high and they all look great :-)

By all accounts Leonie and her team have done an outstanding job and everybody at the Getty are delighted – it looks to be a sellout show and will be in Los Angeles until February before moving to New York after which the glass panels wend their way back to the Cathedral.

I feel blessed and privileged to have played a part in the project!


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