I stepped out of my studio this morning to give my eyes a break from some intense screen work and found Gwen, our border collie lying next to a small brown bird sitting quite still but with a vigorously beating heart and a beak that was gasping for air.  I cupped it in my hands and could feel it’s life but it was clear that for whatever reason it did not have long to live.  So I found a patch of grass and laid the bird down away from the neighbours cats.

When I returned about a hour later, the bird had died and in so doing had spread it’s wings almost as a metaphor for what ever journey has now embarked on.

Looking at the small form lying there I was struck by the simple beauty to be found even in a small insignificant brown bird.


1 thought on “Beauty in death as nature takes it’s course

  1. debra

    This is gorgeous. I stumbled across your blog for the first time today googling “gothic architectural prints.” Oh — the things people google and the wonderful adventure of discovery. Thanks for sharing.


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