2 thoughts on “HOP GARDEN for fun – Take 2

  1. debra

    Do you know where I could obtain a larger visual image of the grid of pedestals? I’d really like to see these designs up close. I can’t quite make out the detail. This is why. I own a small 1931 castle in Laurel Canyon (Los Angeles) that was tragically burnt in a fire. I am restoring it, and designing a mantelpiece to replace the faux bois one that was destroyed. These look incredible, and inspiring. If there’s a way you can put me in touch with this, I’d really appreciate it….thanks!

    1. greshoff Post author

      Hi Debra, the capitals were photographed for Canterbury Cathedral, so I will need to check with them before I release anything. Will be in touch. Glad you like them (they are exquisite examples of Romanesque carving!) They are my new book on the Cathedral though ;-)


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